Is .NET 9.0 Released?

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.NET 8.0 has been released on November 15th, 2023

Meet .NET 9.0

  • Readonly Struct Members
  • Default Interface Methods
  • Pattern Matching Enhancements
  • Using Declarations
  • Static local functions
  • Disposable ref structs


To check which version of .NET you are using, you can use the command line utility
‘dotnet –version’
. This will output the version of .NET that is currently installed on your computer. You can also check the version of .NET installed in the registry by navigating to.

About .NET Framework

.NET is a framework developed by Microsoft. .NET is an open-source platform, meaning that it has an active developer and user community that makes it a very good place to develop apps. .NET started with the intention of being a framework to help develop apps for Microsoft computers, mostly written in C# or F#, but now one can, as per Microsoft’s specifications, develop applications in these languages also for web environments, as well as mobile and IoT devices. .NET was released in 2002 and is since the main framework to work with, especially if developing for a Microsoft product. Moreover, .NET has the added benefit of being able to run on most Linux/GNU distributions, as well as macOS.

The uses of .NET include Microsoft app development, but, as we explained above, IoT developers have gained traction utilizing this framework recently. Gaming is very simple to program in .NET because of its very low response time and the stability of the framework. .NET can also receive previously developed applications (of course, in a programming language that .NET accepts) and help optimize them. Because of the quality and the number of modules that run on this framework, people can optimize existing applications to improve their memory usage as well as the speed at which they run.

This framework has distinct features that set it apart from other frameworks for the uses that we mentioned above. First, .NET is incredibly stable, despite the number of modules and languages that it supports. This stability is something that desktop application developers, as well as web application programmers, value greatly. Additionally, .NET features many security measures in the way it works, meaning that developers can work with sensitive data knowing that it will be well protected. Finally, .NET has the very useful feature of being able to integrate with legacy systems, which can add flexibility and implementation possibilities to many developers.


.NET has made app development simpler and sleeker for its own target audience ever since the 13th of February of 2002. .NET is professionally maintained and developed by Microsoft, so we can expect regular updates and constant support for the newer version, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to develop apps in the Microsoft environment. We are currently on the 4.8 version, released on the 18th of April of 2019. Because of its popularity, you can expect to find some solutions and fixes on the internet in forums in developer communities.